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01. Fill out the application in its entirety. Don't mess with the coding. Simple.
02. For the love of all that is good and kind in the world, read over your application for grammatical and spelling errors. We don't expect a thesis, but we would like your answers to be intelligible.
03. You are allowed to vote as soon as you apply. Waiting to be stamped is not required.
04. Stamps will be issued when they're issued. Be patient. Do not direct link to the stamps. That is very very mean and heartless thing to do. Do not underestimate my power. I WILL FIND YOU.
05. Re-apps are allowed, provided you wait a week after you were stamped, notify members that you're re-applying, and say who you were stamped as before.
06. Put, "I am a leaf on the wind," somewhere in the title of your application.


01. VOTE VOTE VOTE. And then vote some more. You could even make up a little voting dance, if you like. Bold your votes. Don't vote one person more than two characters. Don't be a voting sheep. If you disagree with everyone else, more power to you.
02. Don't be a bastard. You are, however, free to be snarky. Maybe even a little bit saucy.
03. Advertising is allowed, as long as it relates the community in some way. I reserve the right to delete adverts if I feel they are inappropriate.

The Application

The Stamps

Capt. Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds
Zoe Alleyne
Hoban 'Wash' Washburn
Inara Serra
Jayne Cobb
Kaylee Frye
Simon Tam
River Tam
Shepherd Derrial Book
The Operative
Mr. Universe

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Other Information

Feel free to contact ispeaknerd about any characters you think should be added.

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