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21 November 2008 @ 01:05 am
i am a leaf on the wind..! floosh, floosh!  

Obligatory Questions

01. Name: Véronique.
02. Age: 19. almost 20, though!
03. Gender: Female.
04. Location: Good ol' Canada.(Actually, Quebec City, so I mean it when I say 'old' ;))
05. Likes: Traveling, history, museums, and all that stuff. Horror stories, urban legends, campfire type of tales. Music. Chocolate. Tea and candy. Relaxing. Having time to myself, not surrounded by annoying people.
06. Dislikes: Crowds; small, confined places; huges things freak me out too. Boats; I get sea sick. Having to wake up in the morning. I have low blood pressure, and am NOT a morning person. At all. Selfish and inconsiderate people. Rudeness. Milk. The way my digestive system reacts to milk. (sorry.) My allergies.
07. Hobbies and/or Talents: I draw. :) Or I used to. Now I just doodle, pretty much. Write, too, though I'm better at having awesome ideas and then being too lazy to do anything about them. Oh, and I play music too. I can't sing to save my life, but I've been told I have a good... feeling for music.
08. Strengths: I'm an overall nice and polite person. I smile a lot, which is usually the first thing people notice about me. I have a quite good sense of humour, and I'm laid-back. (let's say that a strength.) I like to think I'm smart, and I can adapt to most situations pretty well. Fast-learner. I'm stronger than I look. I'm also very modest. (That last part was sarcasm, by the way.)
09. Weaknesses: I'm proud, and easily embarassed. I'm kinda clumsy and awkward, too. Avoidant. Sarcastic and lazy and paranoid. Always late. I'm not very organized, am kind of scatter-brained and just weird, even thought I usually do perfectly fine that way.


01. Colour: Red. Raspberry red, actually.
02. Movies: Recently? I'll go with recently, because it'll too hard. Hum, I watched August Rush, with my little sister. I didn't expect much, but I was really moved.
03. Books: Again, I can't really think of anything right now, but I usually like those small, understated books that just make me feel either warm and fuzzy inside, or just completly freaked out by the weirdness-ness of it. Banana Yoshimoto is one of my favorite authors. (And no, I didn't know anything about her before picking up her first book, but with that name I just couldn't resist.
04. Music: I listen to pretty much any kind of music, but British rock ♥. The Beatles, Coldplay and Snow Patrol are my favorite bands. I also really like Vienna Teng, Simon and Garfunkel, and the japanese band L'Arc~en~Ciel. I also have a fondness for The Scorpions and System of a Down, ad nI totally blame my brother for that.

This or That

01. Leader or follower? I love to lead, I really do, and I'm good at it, but I get over-powered really easily.
02. Brains or brawn? Eh. Brains.
03. Fight or run? Hum, run? with as much as dignity as possible. I hate conflict. Hatehatehate.
04. Psychological warfare, or a good ol' fashioned ass-kickin'? Psychological warfare. Much, much more fun. ;) Ass-kicking is fun, too, but in my experience, often ends up hurting the person doing the ass-kicking about as much as the person who's getting their ass kicked, so. I'm not such a fan of getting my ass kicked.
05. Dreamer or realist? Dreamer.
06. Win at all costs, or honour until the end? I'd say honour, though I'd like to win something at least once in my life. I guess I could get desperate, in the... 'right' circumstances.
07. Paper or plastic? Paper.


01. How to do react to stressful situations? cry and yell and panic I try to be «Hey, don't worry, this is not a big deal! Just stop and think for a while and everything will be just fine.» I'm good at making people believe it, and most of the time I can convince myself, too. There's only a few close people I allow myself to get... emotional, shall we say, with. (never mind that I usually hate myself for doing it anyway.)
02. Who is your least favourite person in the universe, fictional or not? My least favourite person? Huh. I'm not really in any... conflict or anything right now. I don't know. I don't have a least favorite person.
03. The eternal question. You find a wallet full of money, credit cards, etc. What do you do with it? Look for a phone number to call the person - if there's none, just give it to someone who knows better than me what to do with it.
04. How well do you take and insult? Eh, not so well, I'm afraid. I'd be most likely to joke or something, make it seem like it doesn't affect me, but I'll probably think about it for a long time.
05. Pick a weapon. Hum, a gun? I have the feeling I'd be a terrible shot, eh, but I guess I could make it serve it's purpose. I'm pretty good at hand-to-hand, though.
06. You're sending a capsule into space, to educate any alien races who might find it on human culture. Remember, you have to impress them, or else they'll think we're stupid and blow us up. What do you put in the capsule? Videos and pictures of all kind of great things humanity has done. I don't really have a exemple just now, but we see these kind of montages on TV all the time. Okay, some of them are pretty manipulative, but hey, the aliens won't ever know if they're true or not, will they?

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Sachikosolitario_hacon on April 22nd, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
Wash, because you're so laid-back.